Trust HIG to Insure Your Florida Condominium Unit

HIG insures thousands of condo unit owners for their personal contents and personal liability and flood.  Condominium Associations insure the association building, board of directors, common area property and general liability, equipment and more. 

They do not insure your individual unit. You are responsible to insure the interior of your unit including your personal property.  For example you would be responsible from the paint inward of your unit.

Florida Condo Insurance Policy Coverage

  • Personal Property Contents

  • Additional Living Expenses

  • Assessments 

  • Ordinance or Law

  • Personal Liability 

  • Medical Payments 

  • Betterments and Improvements

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A Condo Policy With HIG Covers What Your Association May Not

Condo insurance coverage is for people who own what is classified as a Condominium Association. The condos can be resided in by the insured or rented out either yearly or daily. Most condominiums have the Condo or HO-6 policy purchased by the insured and a Master Policy purchased by the condo association. Since every association is different it is important to determine what you as a condo owner are responsible for in the event of a loss.

Personal Property Coverage - Coverage for your personal possessions in the event of loss or damage.

Additional Living Expenses Pays necessary living expenses while your home is being repaired.

Personal Liability Coverage for claims filed against you as a result of accidental injuries to others and/or unintended property damage.

Medical Payments Pays for actual medical expenses including accidental injuries to others.

Betterments and Improvements Typically defined as fixtures, alterations, and additions made to the interior of the condo.

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