Emergency Management Team and Claims Support

Trust HIG to take the lead when you experience a claim.  It is said, most associations will deal with at least one lawsuit every 5 years, and each one can last for several years.  HIG has experienced association claims in the millions of dollars and displacement of owners.  In addition, board of directors also experience lawsuits and HIG will be there for you as your advisor.  

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HIG Emergency Management Team

Don't take the risk of managing your Association claims alone. HIG provides claims assistance through our exclusive Emergency Management Team (EMT) claims support program and works closely with Property Managers, Board Members, and Residents to seamlessly manage the claims process.

Pre-loss Planning:

  • Establish formal Association claim protocol

  • Institute and process methods to minimize and prevent claims

  • Review your Association's emergency written plan

  • Discuss planning for major catastrophic storms

  • Create procedures to report claims and identify responsibility

  • Diversify preferred vendors to expedite emergency restoration on a priority basis

  • Lay foundation regarding handling unit owners claim concerns

  • Create steps that should be taken when a claim occurs

  • Review and discuss displaced unit owners for quick resolution

Post-loss Strategy:

  • Contact HIG during office hours and the owners after hours 24/7.  

  • Dial 911 for emergencies   

  • HIG's owners and a senior manager will be assigned to your loss to provide clear direction

  • HIG will assist the property manager and Board members to summon vendors to mitigate the loss

  • HIG will notify the carrier if it is deemed necessary

  • HIG team will personally meet to discuss the claims process

  • HIG will remain part of the claims process throughout the claim and obtain a fair and equitable settlement

  • HIG will work with the unit owners on how to file their individual claims regardless of fault  


Board Certification

& LCAM Education

We are experts in Association Insurance offering complimentary education and award winning service

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Emergency Management Team

We educate, plan, and take the lead for our Association's claims 


Certified Risk Management Services

We manage insurance needs by identifying risk exposures to provide optimum coverage and lowest costs.