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For Service on your Personal Lines account you may call, email, text or stop by one of our five locations. Our licensed Customer Service Team is here to serve your needs. 

When You Have a Claim on Your Personal Insurance Policy

Insurance contracts require the policyholder to mitigate further damage to property or liability.  For example, if your roof leaks you are required to mitigate further damage by tarping your roof.   


If you have a Claim: In Florida one must be a licensed claims adjuster to adjust a claim.  Insurance carriers use both licensed employees and outside vendors to adjust claims.  Agencies are not licensed claims adjusters but we will help you file your claims.

Two ways to report a claim:

1.  Determine who your carrier is and contact them directly to file your claim.  For your convenience, we have included a directory of carriers below.

2.  Call our office and we will be happy to perform a three way call to the claims department and get your report started.  As the policyholder, you are required to speak with the claims department to explain the circumstances.  

Quality service is our number one goal!  If at anytime you don't receive the level of service you expect, please ask for a manager or the owners.  You can be confident we will address your concern immediately.

If you have any difficulty with contacting a carrier directly please call us at 386-944-5555.

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